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Kathak Workshop By Yamika Mahesh

To all the lovely people out there, Step2Step Dance Studio in Association with Kalaagat Niranjana (New Delhi) Presents kathak Workshop for people who are enthusiastic about Learning introductory or advanced kathak in Mohali City (June 26th To 29th).
If you are looking for a more immersive experience, register now!
Call On: 9888137158,9888697158.

Kids Dance Videos choreographed by Step2Step Dance Studio

Dance is one of the best ways to increase the self-confidence, self-discipline, and grace of kids. Dance epitomizes the primal connection to the universe. There are a lot of dance forms like Ballroom, Disco, Morris and many more. Dance has also acted as a great part of human culture and celebrations. Dancing is considered as one of the most enjoyable ways for kids to stay more physically fit and active.

Benefits of Dance for Kids

Step2Step dance studio provides proper dance training to the kids which eventually comes out to be very beneficial for kids. Some of the dance benefits for kids are listed below:

● Improved Physical Health

Kids who are dedicated and habituated to take regular dancing lessons are contemplated to have a significant improvement in their physical health. Regular dance practice can also help in increasing flexibility, strength and stamina in your kid and it is quite much more beneficial for kids who are overweight.

● Socialization Benefits

In addition to physical activity, dancing is also considered as one of the highly social activity. According to a recent survey, it is found that the kids who used to opt regular dance training have a better social and communication skills and they also used to learn how to work as a part of a team. Dancing is also one of the best ways to reduce fears for the kids who are afraid to perform in front of an audience.

● Improved Self-Esteem

Kids who participate in regular dancing practice learns how to adjust the movements and their body postures that are required while dancing which results to increase their confidence as well as self-esteem. Dancing is considered as one of the most beneficial for physically or mentally impaired kids or even for those kids who used to attempt to deal with significant emotional problems.

Some of the Kids Dance Videos choreographed by Step2Step Dance Studio

Step2Step Dance Studio has choreographed a lot of children from many parts of Chandigarh and Mohali and we even have organized various events and dance competitions to encourage the children and develop their skills.

Some of the dance videos of kids by Step2Step dance studio are provided below:


We could easily conclude that dancing has a very great impact on the kids and benefits them in various aspects of life. If you want to indulge your child in such activities you can think of enrolling him or her into the step2step Dance Studio so that we can choreograph some of the best dance for your kid and form him into a good dancer.

Summer Dance Camp in Mohali and Chandigarh (2019)

“Beat the Heat”
If you are Crazy for Dance, Come & Join Our Summer Dance Camp 2019.
Age Group : 3 years Onwards
From 27th May to 30th June 2019 at Step2Step Dance Studio.


Morning Batches: 7 to 8 Am,8 to 9 Am, 9 to 10 Am, 10 to 11 Am.
Afternoon Batches: 3 to 4 Pm, 4 to 5 Pm.
Evening Batches: 5 to 6 Pm, 6 to 7 Pm, 7 to 8 Pm, 8 to 9 Pm.
You will Get a Chance To Perform at Every 1 Can Dance (Season 5) A Dance Show.


Studio 1:
S.C.F 37, Phase 3B2, Mohali.
(M) 9780116191.

Studio 2:
S.C.F. 53, Phase 10, Mohali.
(M) 9888137158.

Dance Classes in Mohali Phase 3B2

Step2Step Dance Studio aims at making dance accessible to all the people who have passion and interest in dance. And due to this reason, it will be easy for you to find us at easy locations throughout the Tricity.

We have organized various dance competitions including Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, Dance De Dana Dan, Rhythm N Dance, Super Dancers 2017, Super Dancers 2018, Dang Dang Dance Da Tashan (D4T) A Dance Competition & Dance Show, and many more.

Now finally, we have shifted our branch and opened the same centre at a better location that can be easily accessible to you. The address of the re-located centre is-

Step 2 Step Dance Studio
S.C.F 37, Top Floor
Phase 3B2, Mohali

If you want to contact us, you can call us at +91-9780116191. For further queries or any help, you can also mail us at

In case, if you want any other information regarding our new address or the services we provide, you can visit our website. You can also follow us on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

At our new address, you can find various services including experienced trainers that will help you to meet your needs. You can learn the dance from scratch to advance with us and if you want to make a career in the field of dance, do not miss the opportunity.
We have a class for all.

Beautiful Wedding Videos Choreographed by Step2Step Dance Studio

Nowadays, couples in India and abroad like to perform choreographed wedding dances or a choreographed pre-wedding video which is sent along with the marriage invitation or circulated through family Whatsapp groups and other social networks.
This provides a unique and exciting experience for the partners to perform a task collectively before a wedding.

Earlier, wedding videos consisted of only a slideshow of wedding photos but now, couples go all in with their wedding videos.
The wedding videos are now choreographed by professional dance studios like Step2Step Dance Studio. We consist of a storyline choreographed dancing by the couples as well as candid or concept based shots of the couple.
The videos bring up the excitement in the wedding guests and keep them engaged with the wedding hype. They also serve as a great way to relish the memories of the wedding in the future.

Some of the Wedding Videos Choreographed by Step2Step Dance Studio

The Step2Step Dance studio has choreographed a lot of wedding videos in Chandigarh and Mohali area and has made lots of weddings memorable by their wedding videos.
Some examples of these choreographed wedding videos are given below:-

As you saw in the videos, the couples perform choreographed dances and pose for choreographed shots in their wedding videos. These things increase the teamwork spirit in the couples before their marriage and the result is absolutely beautiful.
In the coming years, the couples and their families will see the wedding videos as cherish these beautiful moments.

Why You Should Choose Step2step Dance Studio to Choreograph Your Wedding Video?

Step2Step Dance Studio is a professional dance studio that has specialized dance trainers who are experts in their field. Step2Step Dance studio aims to offer its customers the best service they could offer.
Not only this, Step2Step dance studio has gained recognition and fame in different sectors like Wedding Video Choreography which is done for different Indian wedding ceremonies like the Sangeet Ceremony.
They have also choreographed corporate and business events and also hosted lots of programmes in institutions like schools, colleges, and other educational institutions for their annual cultural ceremonies.

The Step2Step Dance studio is also responsible for the success of many dance shows, dance competitions as well as other cultural events. They also host many dance workshops in the Chandigarh and Mohali area to make the students get the most out of their vacations and to find hidden talent in dance.
They host dance classes for all ages of students and are experts in the field. These are the reasons why you should hire step2step dance studio for your wedding choreography.

4 Latest Wedding Dance Trends you should definitely try for the Big Day

When it comes to dancing, we, Indians don’t really need a reason to kick off our heels and break into a jig. There is nothing more fun than dancing with your family and friends to desi beats along with lots of tashan! So, it only makes sense that weddings, our biggest celebrations, be infused with choreography to have some synchronized thumkas. Professional choreography in weddings has come a long way. It can be as basic as hiring someone to teach you or join Bollywood dance classes in Chandigarh to teach you a medley of 3-4 songs, to let go of your reluctance and encourage you to dance in front of a crowd.

For the more adventurous here is the classic and the new in the realm of wedding choreography

The Welcome Dance

Let us admit it. As kids, we all saw Cinderella dance with Prince at the ball, can’t we think of welcoming the couple and making them feel special. Choose from an elegant, fairy tale ballroom dance to a wacky Bollywood number with your family and friends, you could choose from Jive, Salsa, Bhangra, Bollywood along with various cool choreographed entries which are now becoming extremely popular.

The Good Old Bollywood Medley

If you don’t have a lot of time, energy, resources, patience, etc. to come up with an extravagant musical evening, or do you have over enthusiastic Aunt’s, friends, younger siblings, friends of siblings who have had plans of dancing at your wedding since you were 16? Then go for a basic Bollywood medley comprising of 7-8 songs. It is short and sweet and will put a big smile on your Aunts’ face.

Say Hello to Story Telling ( The Story Teller Dance)

Weddings are the extension of your personality, where you are always looking for ways to make the invitations, the entertainment, and the decor very individual and creative. So, it only makes sense that the next step in our wedding celebrations would be to infuse poetry, storytelling, and audiovisuals with choreography. There are a lot of options such as personalized concepts, theme based musical evening, mini-movies, etc.

The Lip Dub

This is fun, colorful and entertaining wedding concept, and the best part is that it doesn’t take a lot of preparation time. All you need is a good video team and extremely talented and spontaneous choreographer from Bhangra academy in Mohali who can bring out the performer in you on the spot.

A dance floor with color changing LED lights will probably give you a feeling of being on top of the world and add some jazz to the traditional Bollywood medley with the LED shimmering dance floor.

Learning the Art of Dancing and its Importance

The dance represents one of the most basic and initial relationships with the world. For a child, it begins before words or language. Children use movements to express their thoughts or emotions much before they have learned to speak. Creative thinking skills are developed through dance, as well as they can learn the value of commitment,discipline, and work ethic. Self-confidence also increases as young people can overcome challenges to master new goals. Professional choreographers in Chandigarh help in making dance moves easy and effortless..

There are several benefits of dancing:

Builds Confidence and Self-Esteem

Dance is a great way to connect emotionally with other people and audience. Throughout the classes, expression and smiling are promoted. This creates a healthy environment in which students are able to express their feelings in a productive manner while learning to control emotions.

It Woks Wonder in Your Social Life

As the dancers are able to overcome challenges and succeed and gain self-confidence, it is also a great way to meet new people. Belly dance classes in Chandigarh attract people from all walks of life, different age groups, social groups and all are held together by the enchanting practice. Dancers develop team spirit and there is no pretending who is the best, in this way dance equates everyone and makes them equally potential.

Dancing Develops Flexibility of Body and Mind

Younger people are more flexible, so it is important to start stretching at a young age. Students will not only gain their physical flexibility but also mentally learn to control their energy and bodies in a full range of motion.

It Teaches Posture and Poise

It is easy to tell who is the dancer among people in the room by their posture and ability to move with grace. The technique taught in class focuses on maintaining a straight back, lift from the core, lengthening of the shoulders down the back, and both slouching and hyper extending.

It Teaches you to Enjoy Life

Last but not the least, the number one rule in dance classes is to have fun. As in life, you cannot find happiness in what you do it’s hard to build compassion and persistence. Dancers will feel the freedom of expression, meet new friends and reap the rewards of dance training.

When dance training is given in a disciplined and positive environment it encourages the overall development and growth of the dancer regardless of their age.