Dance Forms

Dance Forms

STEP2STEP DANCE STUDIO (S2SDS) are specialised in various Dance forms are as:


Also known as Country-western dance or kicker dancing, this is amongst the most popular dance form which is generally danced to country- western music. The western dance refers to a wide range of dance styles, moves, and techniques and it is usually associated with American or European countries.This form of dancing is worldwide famous and is performed at various dance bars, clubs, ballrooms, etc. It is one of those forms which are meant to enjoy the music and dance without any restriction.


Jazz is a developing form of dance style which has emerged from the United States by African Americans. This can usually be seen on television shows, commercials, movies etc. The integral part of jazz is being energetic and enjoying the dance. The specialty about jazz is individuality and originality of each dancer, in this, each and every dancer can execute the moves in their own way and style without being into any constraints.


Generally referred to as street dance, hip hop is a form of dance which has evolved from several cultures including rock, tap, jazz and Americano cultures. The dance steps in hip- hop dance need a lot of practice to excel and master in even the basic steps. The movements of a hip-hop dancer may seem very simple when performed but they are an outcome of a lot of hard work. Particularly the teens are more involved into hip-hop form of dancing as it is full of energy.


Bollywood dance is a spontaneous form of dancing; it requires a lot of individuality and creativity. It is an extremely popular form of dancing which is used for both competitive and recreational purposes. All one needs is popular Bollywood track, energy and passion for dancing. The Bollywood dance originated during the disco days where everyone who had love for dance could show off their unbeatable skills.


It is a modern form of dance which developed during the mid- twentieth century and now has emerged as one of the dominant form of dance. It has a strong popularity in USA and Europe. The contemporary dance is one of the most expressive styles of dance performance which involves fluid dance movements connecting the mind and the body. The contemporary dance is versatile and involves improvisation in which there are less restrictions for the dancer.


Bhangra is a common traditional dance of India which has originated from Punjab. It began as a part of celebration during the harvest festival of Punjab. The music for this folk dance is usually the folk music which is sung by a trained professional accompanied by dholak.
Gidha also known as Lawk Naach is a form of folk dance of women in the Punjab region. In the ancient era their used to be a dance style known as “ring dance”, it is believed that Gidha has been derived from this dance style.


Aerobics is one such dance which is highly beneficial for the health. The word ‘ Aerobics” refers to “oxygen”. It is that kind of activity which helps in pumping of the heart and muscles along with oxygen. In aerobics dancing the exercise is done with the help of music which could be country music as well as hip-hop.This exercise can easily be done indoors which makes it a year- round activity.


Originated in Colombia during 1990’s, Zumba is a dance fitness program involving elements of both dance and aerobics with inspiring music and high energy. The moves and combinations of Zumba workout are unique in nature. The choreography of a Zumba workout is a combination of soca, samba, salsa, merengue etc . The trademark of Zumba is owned by Zumba Fitness, LLC.


Stretching is also an activity which helps in relaxation of the muscles and the tendons of the body. It is done to increase the elasticity of the muscles and helps a person to achieve comfortable muscle tone. Stretching also removes the cramps of the body and is very helpful for removing the sore and tightened muscles.If you are up to stretching for dance, then flexibility is a must. The choreography in the stretching dance requires high levels of flexibility in the body as the dancers have large range of motions which are joint specific.


It is one of the oldest forms of dance which developed in mid 1920’s in New York City. This dance form has strong influences from Latin America, particularly Cuba. It has evolved from various other dance forms such as Cha Cha Cha, Mambo, Son Montuno etc which were popular in Caribbean. Salsa is also famous as social dance and can be usually seen in ballroom, restaurants, bars, night clubs and an outdoor party or festival. This is an international form of dancing which can be seen in a lot of metropolitan city.


This is a dance of Cuban origin which was introduced in the early 1950’s. The rhythm of the dance was developed by a Cuban composer and violinist named Enrique Jorrin. It can also be danced to Latin pop and rock music. Cha – Cha- Cha is also famous for ballroom competitions and the music of international level ballroom is full of energy and has a steady beat. The style of the cha-cha-cha dance also differs depending upon the place and culture of the place.


It is a partner dance which can be enjoyed at both social and competitive levels. Ballroom dance is entertaining as well as good to be performed, hence it is widely enjoyed on stage, film and television. The term ballroom is derived from the latin word ballare which means “to dance”. These are generally danced to western music and couples counter clockwise around a floor which is rectangular. The goal is to entertain the audience with utmost efforts.


As the name suggests it is that form of dance which is neither entirely classic nor modern. It has the essence of traditional classical dance but is fused in with other forms. This dance adopts a modern or contemporary approach in choreography. It can be performed on Ghazals and Bhajans. This dance is becoming more popular as it easier for the students to grab and hence the essence of classical Indian dance is also preserved.


Folk dances relate to a particular area, people or culture. It can also be referred to as cultural dance. There are many world famous folk dances which depict the different cultures of our country and the world. These are also known as “Tribal Dance” and are performed to express a feeling of joy and happiness of a tribe. Many cultures perform folk dances on occasions such as child birth, wedding, festivals etc. These dances are very simple and have few basic steps which are to be learnt.


Belly dance is one of the oldest form of social dance in the world which originated from middle-east region. This dance is strongly related to the female dancers and also considered to be a great way to exercise. It will help you to stay in shape and express the dance gracefully. The movements in a belly dance are isolated movements performed by the abdomen. The movements could be circular, rolling, angular or vibrating.


It is always a pleasure to know some of the trending party dance steps when it is the time to show them off in a night party, ladies sangeet or a family function. The party dance is one of the informal forms of dancing where enjoyment is the basic criteria. The rule for this dance is to have enough of confidence and ability of pull off anything.


It is a style of street dance which is also known as break dancing. It is a genre of hip-hop dancing which began in New York City in the early 70’s. This dance form has some dynamic movements which omits the true essence of dancing which is “expressing yourself” with a lot of creativity and style while connecting with the music. The letter “b” in the word “B-boying” stands for “break”, which means a “break” in the record. The DJ generally modifies the music in a way in which the loop breaks.


This dance form also originated during the 1960’s- 70’s from California, it is one of the original funk style which can also be linked to hip-hop in many ways. The name has been derived due to the locking movements in the dance. A dancer generally freezes from a fast movement and lock himself to a particular position and holds for a short while. Popping means contracting and relaxing the muscle quickly creating a jerking effect in the body whereas while locking a dancer can show comical nature of dance and can show emotions such a smiling.


Merengue is also a beautiful form of dance which originated from the Dominican Republic of the Latin America. It was also known as the national dance of the Dominican Republic. It is basically a dance for the couples who need to stand in a closed position. One of the partners (generally the male) is the lead who holds the waist of the follower with his right hand and follower’s hand with his left hand. The hand to the left is at the follower’s eye level. Both the partners have to bend their knees and make the hips move left and right.


Kickboxing is a beginner friendly dance fitness program such as Zumba, aerobics and hip-hop. It is also a fun way to get rid of the extra weight. It is an incompatible workout which pairs up perfectly with cardio , strength training , core etc. It is a kind of multitasking workout which can do wonders to you. It is also a fun dance form which is loved by the kids and the youngsters. The terrific combination of both kickboxing and dance moves can help you burn a lot of fat and can make you feel rhythm while having a blast.

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